Primary and Acute Healthcare Services

Non Membership Services

Non Membership Acute Care

$150 a visit

Our clinic is also open on a walk in basis, if you realize that we are amazing and sign up for a membership plan the same day of your visit, your payment for the visit will be applied to your membership/registration fee.
We offer a discounted rate for our members who have a visiting relative or friend with a minor illness or injury.

Membership Plan for a 
Healthcare Provider/Wellness Coach

$115 a month*

Partnering with patients who are seeking to self-direct their care with lasting changes that line up with their values. We accomplish this through experience, evidence based practice and education to optimize the success in the goals that the patient has set.

-Same day, walk in or next day appointments
-Yearly wellness exam with an EKG
-Telehealth visits
-Chronic disease management
-Acute care visits
-Discounted one-time rate for visiting family/friends
-In office labs: urinalysis, pregnancy test, rapid strep, rapid flu, finger stick glucose, mono spot.
-Minor procedures: laceration repair, toenail removal, ear wax removal, incision and drainage, lesion removal (warts, skin tags),* wound cultures*
-Text, email or video call outside of business hours.

*One time registration fee $100.00
You will always be told if there is going to be an extra charge for a service before it is performed. ​Although we do not accept health insurance, we do have negotiated discounted price rates for outside labs and medical imaging.​
*cost of pathology/outside labs not included​